Beside the reward mechanism, We want to do donations to help save the planet and we are ready to corporate with all possible partners to reach our goal. Our mission is to provide science-based solutions through collaborative partnerships to address evolving economic, environmental, and social pressures on our ocean and coasts.

Wildlife populations globally have declined by 60% in less than 50 years. This is a critical moment for our planet. We have changed it so much we have brought on a new geological age - the Anthropocene. The age of humans. For the first time in our history, the global connections that all living things rely upon are breaking. But if we act quickly, we have the knowledge and the solutions to make our planet thrive again.

The core functions of BUSD Planet are auto liquidity function, passive disbursement yield and a charity feature. You are earning passive money and the auto liquidity feature will stimulate a more stable price movement in time.


BUSD Planet aims to be the greatest reflection coin in existence! $BPT is a deflationary BSC Token with latest features like Anti-whale system and a Buyback system. Our mission is to build the best community possible and to evolve the crypto space. We plan on building utility and donating to save the Planet.

Join the effort to restore the world's most diverse and threatened places. Together, we can create a forest! Every tree matters - whether you plant one tree or one hundred. Each gets us closer to a healthier planet.


As long as you hold the $BPT token, you will get rewards from transactions. Our vision is to make BUSD Planet become the most powerful token for holders and for users to earn benefits. BUSD Planet is in it for the long haul.

The decentralized community is foresting long-term development of the ecosystem which will cause actual use cases, greater rewards and a popularity beyond and temporary trends. The meaning of our existence is to do charity and give back to the society.


All the usual necessary steps have been taken to make sure that investors are given a safe investing environment, such as a LP lock and a anti-whale system.

The smart contract for $BPT has also been successfully audited by Techrate. we encourage open communication and trust, transparency and community are the 3 pillars to build longevity. In cryptocurrency market trust is paramount. This means complete transparency, not only in the community and development, but also in the security area.


BUSD Planet $BPT is a token that aims to reward the $BPT token holders via a decentralized smart contract distribution of 5% of all Buys & Sell transaction in BUSD. Automatically receive BUSD for holding $BPT. There will be a max wallet of 2% to prevent dumps.

Token features

The $BPT token has an 12% Buy/Sell fee structure which is distributed as follows.

5% is distributed to holders of $BUSD in proportion to their holdings.

2% is automatically allocated to the exchange liquidity pool by the smart contract.

3% is distributed to the marketing wallet.

1% is distributed to the Buyback wallet.

1% is distributed to the donation/charity wallet.

  • Supply: 10,000,000
  • MAX HOLD: 200.000
  • MAX BUY: 200.000
  • PRESALE: (Presale sc 20 bnb hc 40 bnb)


Phase 1

Setup Team
Plan Smart Contract
Create Website
Create Social Media

Phase 3

1000 holders
CMC & CG Listing
5.000 TG Members
Poocoin Ads
First mint NFT collection

Phase 5

Launch Metaverse
10,000 Holders
CEX Listings
Fiat on ramp

Phase 2

Initial Marketing
Deploy Token

Phase 4

Safe the planet Donations
Celebrity Ads
NFT Marketplace


Bas Operations

Troy Marketing

Mark Development

Paul Management

Dennis CEO

John Moderator